About Lawyers Insurance Group

Lawyers Insurance Group is a legal malpractice insurance brokerage and subject matter expert.

Our mission is to find the best terms available in the market for every law firm. 

We accomplish this by leveraging our strong relationships with all of the “A-rated” legal malpractice insurers, and aggressively comparison shopping on attorneys’ behalf.

We also help attorneys who have unusual malpractice insurance needs:

  • Coverage non-renewed or cancelled.
  • Insurers won’t offer quote.
  • Policy limits > $5 million.
  • Office outside of U.S.
  • Firm merger or acquisition.
  • Firm emerging from bankruptcy.
  • Low-cost tail coverage.

For more information, call Curtis Cooper, Principal, at 202-802-6415, or email him: ccooper ‘at’ lawyersinsurer.com.

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