Legal Malpractice Insurance Center

Legal Malpractice Insurance Center

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You can learn more about legal malpractice insurance, learn more about how we help firms optimize their malpractice coverage, ask us a question, or obtain proposals for your firm.

I. Legal Malpractice Insurance Library:

II. Learn more about our approach:
Legal Malpractice Insurance…Optimized For Your Firm

III. Ask Us a Question

If you have any questions, please contact our principal broker, Curt Cooper:
Phone: (202) 802-6415
Fax: (202) 827-9821
Email: ccooper “at”

IV. Apply for Legal Malpractice Insurance

If you’re ready to obtain malpractice insurance proposals, please visit our applications page:

Legal Malpractice Insurance Applications

Note: we offer these shortcuts as an alternative to completing an application:

*If the first application that you filled out for your current insurer is stored electronically, save it as “New App.”, update it, and send it to us; 


*Send us a copy of either the first application or most recent renewal application that you completed for your current malpractice insurer. We’ll copy it onto a new application, and send it to you to review, answer any questions that we couldn’t, and sign.

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